4 Ways To Show Off Your Less Technical Skills

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4 Ways To Show Off Your Less Technical Skills

4 November 2015
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It's easy enough to make sure that potential employers understand the technical skills that you bring to the table. Helping your future employers to understand the interpersonal skills that you possess can be a little bit trickier. These types of skills can include your ability to solve problems effectively, leading with authority, working well with others, and showing empathy in the right measures. So how do you showcase these non-technical skills? Here are some tips to try.

Be as Thorough as Possible

You want your future employer to know that you're punctual, that you pay attention to detail, and that you're an excellent communicator. If you're not communicating effectively during the job search process, though, you're shooting yourself in the foot. Make sure that your cover letter and resume don't have any typos. You absolutely must put your best foot forward. When you follow up on your interview, mention something specifically related to the conversation that you had with your interviewer.

Get Endorsements and References

Ask people who have worked with you and who know you for endorsements and references that show off the skills that you're trying to highlight. Another way for you to prove that you have some of the non-technical skills that you're showcasing is to ask people for endorsements on social media sites such as LinkedIn. These bits of information help to back up what you're saying about your skills.

Pay Attention to Body Language

During your interactions with potential employers, pay attention to body language. Yours is just as important as the body language of your interviewer. If you are portraying yourself as a confident, empathetic potential employee, then you need to make sure that your body language backs that up. Make sure that you're confident and relaxed.

Show, Don't Tell

You can tell people that you're an excellent problem solver all day long, but it's far more effective to explain situations in which you were able to solve difficult problems in innovative ways. This is why interview questions so often include the phrase, "Tell me about a time when..." This is an invitation for you to show the interviewer how you managed something rather than simply listing off skills that you've honed during your professional career.

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