The ability to stay happy in the face of deep stress is an active choice that takes a lot of work. Learn to make this a permanent state of mind.

Compare And Contrast: Residential Versus Inpatient Treatment Facilities For Your Teenager’s Opiate Addiction

11 November 2015
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If you have recently discovered that your teen-aged son or daughter has an addiction to opiates, you are not alone. One recent survey determined that 3.3% of adolescents between the age of 12 and 17 have illegally used prescription drugs within 30 days of the time they were being polled. In addition, every day in the United States, 2500 teens in that same age group use an opioid recreationally for the first time. Read More …

4 Ways To Show Off Your Less Technical Skills

4 November 2015
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It's easy enough to make sure that potential employers understand the technical skills that you bring to the table. Helping your future employers to understand the interpersonal skills that you possess can be a little bit trickier. These types of skills can include your ability to solve problems effectively, leading with authority, working well with others, and showing empathy in the right measures. So how do you showcase these non-technical skills? Read More …

Tips For Visiting A Family Member In Memory Care

4 November 2015
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One of the best places for a person with Alzheimer's or dementia is an assisted living that specializes in memory care, like River Grand Senior Living. This is because the people who work at memory care facilities are able to anticipate a person with memory issues' needs and be able to guide them through their day in a manner that does not baby them but attempts to preserve their memory function for as long as possible. Read More …

3 Ways That Women Can Feel More Confident In The Workplace

4 August 2015
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Sometimes, being a woman in the workplace can be difficult, especially if that workplace is dominated by men. However, one major thing that might be holding women back at work is that they do not have the confidence to back up their skills, even if their skill level is higher than anyone else in the workplace. Here are some tips that you can follow if you feel that you are lacking confidence. Read More …

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